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Signs You Need a Senior Helper

signs you need in-home care or assisted living:

  • Are you having trouble remembering things?

  • Are simple daily tasks becoming more difficult? (making your bed, preparing meals)?

  • Is it getting harder to drive?

  • Is it difficult to bathe yourself and get dressed?

  • Are areas of your home unsafe (stairs, high shelves, slippery rugs)?

  • Have you been falling a lot?

  • Are you living alone, and is there anyone nearby you can call for help?

  • Does it seem like you are continually in and out of the hospital?

  • Are you fearful of reprimanding your employees for fear they will quit, and leave you alone?

  • Would it help to have someone oversee your house staff and make sure they fulfill their duties?

  • Are you considering moving to an assisted care facility?

  • Would you like to know what kinds of assisted living facilities exist?

  • Do you need help locating an estate planner, probate, licensed nurse, or caregiver?

  • Do you need help managing doctor’s appointments and relaying medical information to caregivers, family members, and other doctors?

How to tell if youR aging loved one needs help:

  • Are you unclear about what kind of care your aging family member needs?

  • Do you suspect your loved one has an aged related illness?

  • Are you getting to work late or missing work due to caring for your loved one?

  • Does it seem like your aging family member is continually in and out of the hospital?

  • Are you concerned about your loved one’s ability to pay bills?

  • Are you worried about potential abuse from telephone and internet scams?

  • Would it be helpful if your loved one had a licensed expert to manage their medication and relay medical information to other caregivers, doctors, and family members for continuity of care?

  • Does your loved one have a team of employees (caretaker, groundskeeper, personal chef) working in the home who are not fulfilling their job duties?

  • Is your loved one being discharged from the hospital, and does she/he need a plan of care?

  • Do you live far away and find it hard to be there for your aging loved one?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to consider hiring a Senior Care Manager who can review your needs, and help you decide the best plan of action for your family. Call Total Case Management Services today to set up a free phone consultation.