Senior Care Services

with our Elderly Care services, you’ll breathe easy knowing your family member is in good hands

We Evaluate

Our first step is a home visit. We meet with our client (and family members) and do a thorough assessment of medical history, current physical, social, and emotional issues, and any financial or legal challenges. We help the family identify geriatric doctors and specialists nearby, and set up appointments. We make sure our client’s daily nutritional requirements are being met, and we evaluate the safety of the home, making recommendations that will help our client move freely and comfortably around the house. It’s our goal to keep our client living independently at home (if that’s their preference), but our assessment will determine whether a senior living community, assisted living facility, or nursing home would be the safest option. 

We Advocate

We’ve all been there… sick, injured, tired, weak. We know how hard it is to speak up to get the tender loving care and attention we need. And we know it can be even more important for our elderly clients to get proper medical attention in a timely manner. That’s why we accompany our client’s to doctor’s appointments, and behave as a mouthpiece, carefully describing their symptoms and medical history. With our experience and expertise, we know how to ask the right questions to get the best care options.

We Manage Care.

When your elderly family member suffers from a debilitating illness, complex medical issue or injury, you may find it isn’t enough to hire a Home Care Aid. Agencies often send caregivers who aren’t licensed to handle complex geriatric medical issues. That’s where Total Care Management Services comes in. We review the diagnosis, contact medical professionals if necessary, and set up a complete care plan in conjunction with your geriatric doctor. We schedule regular follow up visits to ensure the plan is followed faithfully by your various home caregivers.

We Monitor Care

We carefully monitor your loved one’s improvement, to make sure the medicine and therapy that’s been prescribed is effective. We make informed recommendations for further evaluation when we don’t see improvement, and we work with your geriatric doctors and specialists to improve care.

We Clarify Care.

Whether it be alzheimers, dementia, bladder control issues, cognitive impairment, sensory impairment, malnutrition, age-related injury, or other ailments associated with aging, medical jargon can be hard to understand and difficult to remember. We accompany your loved one to doctor’s visits and therapy appointments. We break down complex geriatric health issues into understandable bite size pieces. We communicate those pieces to family members, and we instruct your home caregivers on the plan of action, and inform your other doctors for continuity of care.

We Unite Families.

When family members disagree on what the best treatment is, we explain the potential treatment options, and clarify what the doctors have prescribed, helping family members weigh the potential pros and cons. This helps the whole family get behind a single treatment plan, and allows everyone to move forward, united, in implementing it.

We Make Connections

We are connected to a large resource pool of Probate Attorneys, Estate Lawyers, Therapists, Fiduciaries, Home Health Agencies, Wealth Managers, skilled care facilities and other licensed experts. We can give you recommendations and make introductions whether you need a quick answer to a simple question or a full consultation.

We Are Messengers.

We know family members who live far away, can feel out of touch, and anxiety ridden, not fully knowing what is going on with an elder member of the family. We build a bridge by keeping all concerned family members connected and informed on how a senior member of the family is improving. Extended family members can rest assured knowing we will take care of everything.

We Care.

Our model is relationship based. We work hard to build a trusting relationship with your family member. We are reliable, dependable and honest. We want your loved to have the best care possible. Our wellness visits can be scheduled as often as you like, so that we can check on your loved one regularly. We monitor and reassess the administration of home health care needs continually to determine what’s working and what’s not. We show up at the hospital emergency room when your loved ones needs medical intervention and you’re unable to be there.

We Are Your Lifeline.

If you haven’t heard from your loved one or simply have a bad feeling, you can count on us to be there. Call us and we will make an expeditious wellness visit, assess the situation and recommend further action. Of course 911 should always be called if you suspect a life threatening emergency.  

We Problem Solve.

Administering care for complex medical issues calls for attention to detail and respect for individuality. Not everyone responds to medical treatment in the same way. The ability to identify and solve problems takes expertise. In our experience, when there is a revolving door of Home Care Aids, mistakes can be made in the administering of treatment. This is where we come in. We carefully monitor our client’s in-home caregivers and educate them on their specific needs.

We Specialize in Complex Cases.

We have experience in setting up medical care plans for complicated cognitive, physical, social and emotional issues such as Dementia, physical disabilities, and mental illness like Depression and Alzheimers. We collaborate with multiple medical experts to create a plan of care, implement it, and respond swiftly to changing dynamics. We have skilled staff trained to identify signs of Dementia and Alzheimers and implement interventions that will help your loved one remain as independent and healthy as possible.