Meet Our Team

our team is thoroughly screened & trained, and holds advanced certifications in their field.

Chelsea Canning, LCSW

Chelsea Canning, MSW, LCSW
License #76411

Chelsea Canning has always had a love of helping others. It started at an early age, and laid the path for a Baccalaureate in Developmental Psychology with a minor in Lifespan Development, a Masters in Social Work, and then a Licensure in Clinical Social Work.

Ms. Canning has worked with emotionally dysregulated children, mentally ill substance dependent adults, Disabled Individuals, and older adults. She has also performed Medical Social Work in a Skilled Nursing Facility, County Psych Assessments, Discharge Planning and In-Utilization Management, and participated in the Linkages program which aims to keep seniors and disabled individuals independent. Her work with the Linkages program and the close relationship she had with her grandparents taught her to respect the older generation, and inspired the work she does now. She feels strongly that we benefit greatly when we stop and listen to our elders, as their experience and wisdom will guide us. It just so happens Chelsea is a very good listener.

On a personal note, Chelsea is a formidable chef who loves the beaches of Southern California, and has two beautiful children she is immensely proud of.

In her free time, Chelsea has been dedicated to volunteering in her community with a great group of people called Down But Not Out in LA. They feed the homeless two times each week on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Please check them out if you ever decide to volunteer or would like to donate.

Angela Fee, RN

Angela Fee, RN
License # 95031913

Angela Fee, RN has been working in healthcare for over 18 years. Her combined experience with a diverse spectrum of patients includes geriatric, pediatric, and the developmentally disabled. Challenges and learning opportunities are what keep Angela going, which is why she has served in a variety of healthcare settings including: emergency room, outpatient clinic, home health, residential detox and clinical trial research. 

Angela studied nursing at Santa Monica College. Her line of work has taught her to value her health. She enjoys staying in shape by running marathons, taking spinning classes and hiking in the Hollywood hills.

Amarylis Viera 750 x 1095.jpg


Amarylis Viera is a Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker who feels most at peace when helping people live their most authentic, whole, and healthy lives. She has a Masters in Social Work from UCLA and has experience working with issues related to chronic homelessness, dual diagnosis of severe mental illness and substance abuse, older adults, Veterans, and death and dying. Because she had the fortune of growing up with the active involvement of three loving grandparents, Amarylis has always been drawn to working with older adults. She is most passionate about normalizing and celebrating the process of aging and dying. She identifies as queer and loves to read, create art, and provide therapy at the Southern California Counseling Center in her spare time.

2017_9_12_Sydney Headshot-5372-Edit_750x1095.jpg


Sydney is a trained CNA working towards her Nursing Degree. She holds an AS in Biology.  She has love of working with Older Adults, and her long term goal is to work in the Geriatrics population as an RN. Sydney would like to be a Case Manager helping Seniors stay independent at home.

She loves Los Angeles street art, music and photography. Sydney helps in the office, keeping Chelsea organized.

Degan headshot linked_in_2.jpg

degan snyder, creative director & communications manager

Degan brings her talents to TCMS as a brand strategist and Marketing Consultant. Getting the word out about our offerings at TCMS is a passion project for Degan as she has been serving the Older Adult community for decades, as a volunteer at homeless shelters, and as a caretaker for her favorite aunt, and she loves promoting socially responsible companies with an ethical mindset.

Degan maintains an active lifestyle, swimming and biking, and is a dedicated environmentalist. She regularly participates in beach cleanups, and provides administrative and marketing support to a myriad of environmental organizations, including

Degan’s favorite quote is “For the first half of your life, people tell you what you should do; for the second half, they tell you what you should have done.”