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navigating the system

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Patient navigation refers to the assistance offered to patients in “navigating” through the complex healthcare system to overcome barriers in accessing quality care and treatment. This can include arranging financial support, identifying health issues that need medical evaluation, coordinating appointments between providers, setting up translation services, managing transportation, and making sure family members are updated regularly. The National Association of Social Workers emphasizes a patient-centric model called the right to self determination. In this model we are the Navigator. We understand your hopes and fears. It is our job to provide guidance in choosing between home care and assisted living options, implement the systems for care, and provide day to day oversight to help you stay as healthy and independent as possible.

Chelsea Canning made it possible for my uncle to remain in his home for the last years of his life, when others recommended assisted living. She coordinated multiple caregiver services, socialization, medical and physical therapy appointments and household incidents without difficulty.
— Dr. Hollingsworth, MD

offering vast experience and resources

  • Over 15 yrs in Case Management, Mental Health and Clinical Experience in Private Practice CM, Discharge planning, Skilled Nursing Facility, & Psychiatric Assessments.

  • Speciality in Family Conflict, Mental Health, and coordination of complicated medical care and conditions.

  • Strong Advocate for your wishes, supporting your right to self-determination.

  • Placement Navigation when staying at home is no longer an option.

  • Well developed network of referrals for Specialists, Primary Care, Home Care, Hospice, in-home services, transportation, and emotional well being.

  • An RN on staff for Medication Management, Consultation, Care Coordination, Care Management and education.

  • Adherence to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) ethical guidelines.

  • Advanced Level Practitioner in Geriatric Care Management.